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"Krops has the potential of becoming the largest food hub in the world without even owning a single farm."


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Feeding the World

The world will need 70 percent more food to feed the global population in 2050.
Where will we find enough food for 9 billion people?

“Global Agriculture”
we’re talking about an industry worth 3.2 Trillion US dollars.

Across the globe, Agriculture continues to be a growing and essential industry with a 6.3% contribution to the Gross World Product.

There are 570 million farms worldwide. 90% of it run by individuals or families and rely on family labor. Now, get this, 80% of the world’s food is being produced by family farms.

and yet this is not enough...

Challenges in Agriculture

3 main factors that negatively affect global food production.


the supply of food is not enough in feeding the growing population
of the world.


A third of the world's farmland is considered underutilized or degraded as farmers lack access to information to know what and when to produce.


Current forms of trade have created barriers for Farmers to gain direct access to
buyers and end users.


  • To address the global food problem, we need to encourage more people to farm.
  • We need to assure farmers that their produce will be sold at a competitive price.
  • Knowing the demand, plus when and where it come from is the information we desire to EMPOWER farmers globally.

The Solution

Krops is a platform wherein you can have access to every food source in the world, from the biggest farms to the smallest backyard. Our app provides access to supply and demand information to aid farmers in production and assist buyers in purchasing.

Total Transaction ($ USD)
Farmers and Buyers
Krops Inventory ($ USD)


  • Krops launched in the Philippines

    First month total transaction worth 1.2K USD for 9 transactions.

  • 3000th app user registrant.

    60K USD total worth of transactions.

    First 100M USD worth of product inventory for sale.

  • Krops wallet launched.

    First 1M USD total worth of transactions.

  • First 12M USD total worth of transactions.

  • 280M USD worth of product inventory for sale.

    Total of 6000+ farmers and buyers.

  • Saturate Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and expand in other SEA countries.

  • Saturate southeast asia and expand into rest of Asia

  • Saturate Asia and expand into key global emerging and developed markets

  • Saturate key global emerging and developed markets

  • New York Stock Exchange IPO


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Our Team

People behind the solution

Joseph Calata Chief Executive Officer
Barty Espino IV Global Expansion Sales Director
Jason Mullings Innovation Director
Rose Ann Gonzaga Chief Financial Officer
Julius Calata Vice President - Operations
Ezekiel Padigos Asst. Vice President - Operations
Joanna Marzan Technical Operations Head
Patricia Racinez Sr. Accounting Associate
Marivic Dela Peña HR Manager
Edgel Diane Deiparine Marketing Associate
Krezza Destinguido Operations Supervisor
Armike Bengco Institutional Account Specialist
Angela Leah Orbasido Accounting Assistant
Arvi Lugo Jr. Accounting Associate
Charmaine Pura Office Assistant
Cherrylyne Papelera Jr. Accounting Associate
Michelle Angelique Viernes Jr. Accounting Associate
Ma. Angelica Palomania Backoffice Associate
Janelle Genevie De Leos Business Development Associate
Jonah Balbero Business Development Associate
Ryan Christian Gonzales Graphic Designer
Noreen Kathleen Gonzales CS - Assistant Specialist
Aaron Manalaysay Account Officer
Arnold Espiritu Account Officer
Remren Husayan Asst. Account Officer
Andrew Francisco Account Officer
Crosby Evangelista Account Officer
Rhenan Cartaciana Account Officer
Charles Perez Asst. Account Officer
Alan Aycocho District Manager
Alvin San Andres Account Officer

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